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Same Sex Marriage

On the historic day of June 26, 2013, the US Supreme Court struck down a vital part of DOMA that denies federal benefits - such as tax, health, pension, and marriage benefits to same-sex couples....... read more


Victim of a Crime

If you are a victim of a crime or witness of acrime, you may be eligible for an asylum...... read more


Gay, HIV and undocumented

If you are being persecuted in your home country because of your sexual orientation or HIV-status, you may apply for an asylum.

....... read more



Lacayo and Associates is an immigration consultation and tax preparation services company located in San Francisco.  Since 1986, our Company has expanded our services to other legal, financial and commercial areas allowing us to direct clients to accessible service under one roof.


We offer a variety of legal services with expertise on Immigration Consultation.  Twenty years of experience in the field of immigration have allowed us to serve the tens of thousand of Immigrant families from 58 different  countries in a variety of languages. Our areas of specialization includes Citizenship, Naturalization, Fiance Visas, Relative Petitions, Suspension of Deportation, Removal Procedings, Victims of Crime or Domestic Violence, Temporary Protected Status,and Asylum.


Our commercial services include tax preparation, small business start-ups, and accounting services. Our tax professionals have twenty years of experience prepared with our state of the art softwares.


We also provide many additional services under one roof - Instant Marriages, divorce paper preparation, small claims suits preparation, legal referrals, international powers of attorney, translation and interpretation services, insurance, real estate fianncing, web page designs, campains and maintenance.


We save you money by offering you the best paralegal services in the market at the most reasonable prices.


Email us directly at or call us anytime at (415) 648-7990

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